2012 2007 Genting International Magic Festival Invitational Champion

2007 Shanghai Magic Festival Invitational Champion

2005 Stage Magician of the Year - Acadamey of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle)
2004 Stage Magician of the Year - Acadamey of Magical Arts (The Magic Castle)
2003 FISM Award, The Hague, Netherlands
2003 IF Magic Singapore Asian Pro Magic Challenge Winner
2002 Milbourne Christopher Newcomer Award
2001 Monte-Carlo Magic Stars Baguette d’Argent
1999 International Magic Convention, Guilin, China, Stage Contest Champion
1999 Rising Star of Magic Award – The World Magic Awards
1999 The Academy of Magical Arts Platinum Award for Outstanding Achievement
1997 Bill Baird Award for Excellence in Manipulation
1996 Desert Magic Seminar Teen Stage Competition Champion
1996 Mystic Craig Award for Professional Promise
1994 PCAM Pro Challenge Champion
1993 Kleinman Award for Most Promising Young Magician

TV & Movie Appearances

"Masters of Magic," Rome Television, Italy

"Storytelling Magic," South Korea Television, Seoul

"RCTI Anniversary Show," RCTI, Indonesia

"The Master," RCTI, Indonesia

"Gala Internacional Magia," Televiso de Catalunya, Spain

"Masters of Illusion," MyNetwork, Los Angeles

"Mandrake D'Or," Paris Premiere Network, Paris

"Magic Show," CTV, Taiwain

"Nada X Aqui," Television Cuatro, Spain

"Ilusion, Magia, y Humor," RCN Television, Bogota

"THEM," NBC, Los Angeles
"Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde," Magic TV Productions, Paris
"Masters of Illusion," Associated Television International, Los Angeles
"The World Magic Awards," Associated Television International, Los Angeles
"Lance Burton, Master Magician: The Encounter," NBC, Los Angeles
"The Rasti Rostelli Show," John de Mohl Productions, Amsterdam
"Barrymore in Hollywood," LWT Productions, London
"Destination Stardom," PAX Network, Hawaii
"The Adventures of Mark and Brian," NBC, Los Angeles
"Lifestyles of American Magicians," Japan
"Magic Moments," Public Service Television, Los Angeles
"Mark Wilson’s Video of Magic," infomercial
Chili’s Bar and Grill, commercial
Grave Images

Nightclubs, Theaters and Cruise Lines

Magic Meltdown, Meltdown Comics, 2012, Hollywood, CA

Blink!, Battle of the Dance Theater, 2011, Anaheim, California

Cubik Nightclub, City of Dreams Casino, 2011, Macau, China

Masters of Magic Show, 2010, 2011, Montbleu Casino - Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Moorpark Dinner Theater, Moorpark, California

Magic Cafe, Jakarta, Indonesia

Royal Caribbean, Enchantment of the Seas, Vision of the Seas

TV's Magic Stars, Horizon Casino Resort - Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Fusion, River Palms Resort and Casino - Laughlin, Nevada

World's Greatest Magic Show, Greek Isles Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada
Lady Luck Casino and Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada
Viejas Casino - Alpine, California
GOP Variety Theater - Hannover, Germany
NGK Theater - Osaka, Japan
Wizardz – Tokyo, Japan
Wizardz – Universal City, California
The Comedy and Magic Club – Hermosa Beach, California
The Magic Castle – Hollywood, California
Magicopolis - Santa Monica, California

Revue Shows and Festivals

Spring Friendship Art Festival, 2012, Pyongyang, North Korea

Magic Stars Gala Show, 2011, Macau, China

Superstars of Magic, 2011, Genting Highlands Casino, Malaysia

It's Magic USA Tour (2003, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

Magic N' Miracles Canadian Tour, 2010-2011, Eastern & Western Canada

ComedySlam, 2010, Deerborn, Michigan

Albuquerque Magic Show, 2010-2011, Albuqueruqe, New Mexico

Michael Finney Benefit, 2010, Scottsdale, Arizona

Hocus Pocus Festival, 2010, Cairo, Egypt

Puyang Magic Festival, 2010, Puyang, China

An Evening of Magic, 2010, Saddleback College, California

Astorga Magic Festival, 2010, Astorga, Spain

Happy Valley Magic Festival, 2009, Beijing, China

Ra Magic Show, 2009, Caracas, Venezuela

Malaysia Magic Extravaganza, Subang Parade, 2009 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Li-Chiang Memorial Festival, 2009, Badalona, Spain

Magic Circle Christmas Show, 2008, London, England

Mandrake D'Or, 2008, Paris, France

Scientific and Technical Academy Awards, 2008, Los Angeles

Genting Magic Festival, 2007, Genting, Malaysia

Shanghai Magic Festival, 2007, Shanghai, China

Intermagia, 2007-2008, Caceres, Salamanca and Valladolid, Spain

Ilusion, Palacio de Deportes, 2007, Bogota, Colombia

Encontros Magicos, 2006, Coimbra, Portugal

Jornadas Magicas, 2006, Zamora, Spain

Magictopia, 2006, Seoul, South Korea

Mario Daniel Galas, 2006, Porto and Azores, Portugal
Club Colombia Galas, Teatro Clubsubsidio, 2006, Bogota, Colombia
Murray Hatfield Canadian Tour, 2005-2006, Eastern and Western Canada
The "Burg" Tour, 2005, Pennsylvania and Maryland

Magic Cafe Gala, 2005, Brussles, Belgium
Magicfest, Hillcrest Country Club, 2004, Los Angeles, California
13th Festival of Magic de Nord, 2004, Wavrin, France
Eun Gyeol Lee's Magic Concert, 2003, Seoul, Korea
International Young Wizard Stars' Showcase, 2003, Hong Kong, China
1st Macau International Magic Gala, 2002, Macau, China
Shenzhen Happy Kingdom Magic Festival, 2002, 2008, Shenzhen, China
The Amazing Johnathan Show, Golden Nugget Casino, 2002, Las Vegas, Nevada
Ball Der Magier, 2002, Hilton Hotel, Vienna, Austria
Monte-Carlo Magic Stars, 2001, Theatre Princesse Grace, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Dale Salwak’s Stars of Magic, Los Angeles, California

Magic Conferences

Masters of Magic, 2012, St. Vincent, Italy

Blackpool Magic Convention, 2012, Blackpool, England

Magibor, 2011, Maribor, Slovenia

FFAP National Convention, 2011, Dunkerque, France

UGM Convention, 2011, Nagoya, Japan

Cape Cod Magic Conclave, 2011, Cape Cod, MA

Baden Magisch, 2011, Zurich, Switzerland

BSAS Tiene Magia, 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Magic Cruise, 2010, Mexican Riviera

Bangkok International Magic Festival, 2009, Bangkok, Thailand

Shenzhen Magic Festival, 2008, Shenzhen China

Naragawa Magic Festival, 2008, Nagoya, Japan

Taiwan Magic Association Convention, 2008, Taipei, Taiwan

12th World Deaf Magicians Festival, 2008, Riverside, California

Asian Magic Association Convention, 2007, Hong Kong

Club Magico Italiano Conference, 2006, Abano Terme, Italy

BIMF Convention, 2006, Busan, South Korea

Wizard's Inn Magic Invitational, 2006, Tokyo, Japan

FLASOMA Conference, 2006, Bogota, Colombia
1st Macao International Magic Convention, 2006, Macao, China
TAOM Convention, 2005, San Antonio, Texas
Catalonia Magicians Group, 2005, Valencia, Spain
MAES Convention, 2004, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Sejima Osaka Conference, 2004, Osaka, Japan
Abbott's Magic Get-Together, 2004, Colon, Michigan
Society of American Magicians National Convention, 2004, St. Louis, Missouri
Austrian Magier Congress, 2003, Villach, Austria
The Workshop, 2002, St. Joseph, Missouri
British Ring Convention, 2002, Eastbourne, England
World Magic Symposium, 2002, Sapporo, Japan
Midwest Magic Jubilee, 2002, St. Louis, Missouri
Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Convention, 2002, Page, Arizona
International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention, 2002, San Diego, California
Tannen’s 39th Magic Jubilee 2001, Monticello, New York
Association of Magic and Illusion of Catalonia 2001, Barcelona, Spain
Florida Magicians Association Convention 2001, Tampa, Florida
Toledo Society of Magicians Convention 2001, Toledo, Ohio
Magicale Conference, 2000, Boston, Massachusetts
Houdini Club of Wisconsin Conference, 2000, Middleton, Wisconsin
Beyond 2000 International Magic Convention, 1999, Hong Kong
Festival der Illusionen 1999, Sindelfinden, Germany
27th Annual International Gala of Magic 1998, London, England
114th Congresso Annuale Internationale 1998, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Magic Fukai 1998, Osaka, Japan
International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention 1998, Los Angeles
Desert Magic Seminar XX 1997, Las Vegas
Abbott’s Magic Get-Together, 1997, Colon, Michigan
Society of American Magicians National Convention, 1997, Springfield, Massachusetts
Pacific Coast Association of Magicians Convention, 1995, San Jose, California
The Magic Convention, 1993, Tempe, Arizona





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